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Bowers Lake Coffee is Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is the best tasting coffee you will ever drink

Welcome to Bowers Lake Coffee LLC, where great coffee is our passion. We specialize in freshly roasted organic coffee. Letís begin with our origins. When Dave "Papa" Jones, our coffee roaster, first began roasting coffee over 25 years ago, green coffee beans were not easy to find in Southern Wisconsin. He found green beans wherever he could and they were never organic. He began researching coffee and read about the health benefits of organic coffee. His research gave him the desire to roast organic coffee. Eventually he found a coffee distributor selling organic green beans in Boston. He ordered his first batch of organic green beans and that is all it took to get him hooked on organic coffee. Since then, Dave has never roasted anything but organic coffee because of itsí superior taste and its literally the best coffee you can drink.

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Our roasting process makes our organic coffee stand head and shoulders above other organic coffee roasters. Bowers Lake Coffee is one of the few organic coffee roasters in the world that specializes in freshly roasted organic coffee roasted with hot air, making it some of the best coffee that you will ever drink. We do not roast with gas (natural or LP). Gas roasting infuses hydrogen sulfide into the roasted coffee bean. Hydrogen sulfide is poisonous. It takes five (5) days to de-gas before it is safe for human consumption. Even when the coffee is safe for human consumption the hydrogen sulfide leaves a bitter taste in the coffee. It does not make sense to buy organic coffee beans for itsí health benefit and then roast with gas essentially negating the health benefit.  

We take pride in knowing that coffee tastes best when it is fresh, organic, and roasted with hot air. It not only tastes better hot or iced, it is also the healthiest coffee that you will ever drink.

We bring you organic coffees from the far reaches of the world to give you a large selection of freshly roasted organic coffee to choose from:

The Indies bring us great coffees. Our picks are from Java Dadar Farms, Bali Blue Moon, and Papua New Guinea. Africa brings us one of the best tasting coffees from the country of Ethiopia. The Sidamo region gives us flavors that satisfies the palate. From North and Central America, we roast Mexican Chiapas, Guatemalan, and Costa Rica coffees that are sure to please the most discriminating coffee connoisseur. South America has the world's most known coffee, Columbian as well as Brazil, Peru, and Bolivian coffees.

Here at Bowers Lake Coffee, we believe that you should be drinking not only the best coffee but also the best tasting coffee available. Not only that, but we also recommend that you use the best tasting water that you can find. After all, after the organic coffee bean flavor, the water flavor is also extremely important to the coffee brewing process. Bad tasting water will result in sub-standard taste coming out of your coffee pot, even when you are using Bowers Lake Coffee's freshly roasted organic coffee beans! I have had some of the water coming out of many city taps and I would NEVER use them to make my coffee unless I had a good filtration system installed. I would use purchased bottled spring water before using water with chlorine and flouride to make my organic coffee. Bowers Lake Coffee only uses clean tasting well water or our local artesian well water when making our freshly roasted organic coffee for our markets and for our own personal use. So if you have good tasting water or just enjoy the water you are currently using for your coffee than Bowers Lake Coffee's freshly roasted organic coffees will give your coffee senses complete and total satisfaction. 😄 




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