Bowers Lake Coffee's Grand Opening

Good morning from Wisconsin (the frozen (really frozen today) tundra),

It is a little past 1 am and I am pleased to make this announcement:

Today is a great day for Bowers Lake Coffee, LLC members as we finally launch or new website. Sure there have been obstacles to overcome and decisions to be made (like what do we do first to get this business off the ground?). We were very appreciative of Wisconsin's one-stop business portal which made our lives so much easier. We also want to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet (I saw that on the internet so I know it must be true <SMH>) so we could use Google and DuckDuckGo to find everything we needed from distributors to tons of unsolicited email subscriptions.

We have added 6 products to our site and hopefully worked out the initial kinks that were giving away our products for free (yep, you should have been here sooner (LOL)). I want to thank Lee Jones for pointing out all the errors that I made and to David Jones for coming up with some awesome ideas that I could make/do/spend sleepless nights contemplating them. I want to thank Valerie for being our sounding board and marketing director (coming up with some great markets to hit in the future). And last, but not least, my wife Annette for all her support and guidance in helping me make this a reality.

Anyhow, welcome to I hope you enjoy the site and check back often as new products are added and more refinements are initiated. (oh yeah, and don't forget to buy some stuff, you  know, as long as you are here :) .

ps we have a friends and family discount code but you have to contact me to get it. 

pps. more importantly, we will be giving a veterans discount in the future and posting it on some veteran sites and forums (as well as in our future newsletter (which is still in the planning process, maybe)).

ppps. still more important. part of our profits will be going to a veteran based charity. we don't know which one yet (and no, please don't send us suggestions) but it will be one that is doing great things for our Vets.

Thanks once again for joining us in the great endeavor and have a great rest of your day.


Dave Jones, President, CEO, Webmaster, Roast Master, (and all around great guy (stop shaking your heads kids! LOL))