Coffee Roasting Flavors

This is a summary or general guideline of coffee flavors by region and how the flavor characteristics are changed by the type of roast. This will help with choosing the type of roast.

General roasting characteristics

Region Light Roast Medium Roast Dark Roast
Central America clean, sweet, high acidity, floral flavor sweet light to medium body, floral flavor bitter-sweet, medium body
South America clean, sugars, low to medium acidity caramel, chocolate, medium-bodied full body, bittersweet, dark chocolate
Africa high acidity, light body, flavorful, fruity (citrus or berry) medium body, flavorful, fruity (citrus or berry) bold, flavorful, fruity (citrus or berry)
Indonesia low acidity, smooth, good balance bold, smooth, dark chocolate, earthy spicy, bold, dark chocolate, earthy, syrup

Please remember that these are general guidelines and not all coffees from that region will react the same way when roasted.

Enjoy your coffee!