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Papa's Favorite - 16 oz

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Papa's Favorite Coffee is a unique blend of organic roasted coffee by Bowers Lake Coffee designed by Papa (Dave) many years ago. It has a mixture of medium and dark beans that provide a full bodied and complex cup of coffee with mild undertones of chocolate and caramel. I and my family have enjoyed this unique blend for years and it is our honor to share it with you.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special blend of roasted organic coffee.

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1 Review

Tina Spence Apr 11th 2018

Papa's Favorite

Exceptional coffee. Every blend I've tried has been smooth and not bitter! Papa's Favorite is my favorite. I normally can't drink coffee black. But this, I truly enjoy and can drink black. Or I can add cream. But my favorite part is that I get to decide if it's with or without cream and I'll be ok either way. No need to mask the flavor just to enjoy a cup. I'm thrilled!

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